Some of the Important Facts of Industrial Usage of Trapezoidal Straps

Belts or straps are used to operate the machinery in the industries and workshops. There are different types of belts or straps are existed and in those trapezoidal straps (correas trapezoidales) are found an important place in industrial machinery operations. They have certain advantages like can be used in the area have less arc of contact and can be used at different operating speeds. The name itself predicts the shape of the straps which is similar to the trapezoid. The straps are categorized by the different names as ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, and ‘E’. This categorization will be done based on the size of the straps and their ability to power transmission. The size of the straps is directly proportional to its power transmission ability and the ‘E’ category will have more capacity. A combinationof these straps will be used in the case to transmit more power. Let us see some more information about the trapezoidal straps.

In views of machinery operation, the rotation power should be transmitted from one place to another place. Actually, the trapezoidal straps are doing the job of transmitting the rotary power from one point to another. This can be achieved with the help of trapezoidal pulleys in the system. These trapezoidal straps are torque or power transmittersthat are based on friction. The transmission of power will be done by the action of friction from one pulley to another pulley in the machinery system. The straps are made up of the material called rubber and is playing a crucial role in this friction-based power transmission like the function of tyre in the road. The trapezoidal straps have different layers as mentioned below.

  • Steel Reinforced Wires: The straps are consists of steel wires as reinforcement to enhance the strength to transmit the power.
  • Rubber Material: The steel wires are covered by a special material called rubber and is providing the shapes to the straps. This cover is the most important one where it absorbs the experiencing pressure of the straps.
  • Outer Protective Cover: It is usually made up of plastic material to enhance the endurance of the straps. This will help the rubber to fight against the heat generated by the friction during the power transmission.