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What are daily contact lenses and benefits

Daily contact lenses are among the safest optical products as they are only worn for 1 day and are no longer used. Such models can be both daytime and long-term wear. In the first case, the lenses are removed and thrown away before going to bed, in the second, the optics are changed every other day.

Lenses with a one-day wearing period are suitable for all patients, but in some situations it is allowed to wear only them, for example, allergy sufferers, patients with mild diabetes mellitus.

It is preferable to use this kind of contact optics for those people who lead an active lifestyle, go in for sports, and work in large offices. Intense physical activity, dusty air of office premises contribute to the rapid contamination of lenses with protein-lipid deposits, which cannot be completely removed even by highly effective cleaning solutions. When using reusable products, there is an increased risk of irritation and infection of the cornea by microbes remaining on the surface of the lens. When wearing one-day contact lens shop singapore, such complications are completely excluded.

Benefits of daily lenses

The main advantage is the almost zero risk of complications due to poor hygiene. Even if the lens gets dirty during the day, it can be easily replaced without the need for cleaning with a disinfectant, as is the case with long-term wear.

Other advantages of one-day contact optics:

  • no need to purchase and use maintenance tools storage container, tweezers and cleaning products;
  • suitable for almost all adults, children are allowed to wear;
  • a huge selection of models, including those made from biocompatible materials;
  • do not change their properties, provide high quality vision throughout the day;
  • allow to improve the quality of life of patients with diabetes mellitus, dry eye syndrome.