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Are you worried about the school expenses of your child? School expenses are a major concern for today’s generation. Anyone who is planning to attend college or is already enrolled, the cost is a major concern. Jamaican Personal Loans is here to seek out your problem. These services provide personal loans to deal with- School expenses, Medical expenses, Vehicle repair and Payment of utility bills. You can have access to these loans only if you are permanently employed for at least six months.

The school has several expenses which one has to pay such as-

  • Tuition fee- It doesn’t matter in which school your ward is studying, the tuition fee is the topmost expensive of all schools.
  • Textbooks and School Supplies- One needs to purchase a backpack, notebooks, stationery, desk accessories and much more to study. Schools charge a high rate for these items. Textbooks are also expensive which adds to the expense.
  • Transportation- Transport is another expense that one has to bear.
  • School and Activity Fees- Annual fee of schools is generally less but it still comes under the school budget. There is an extra fee charged for extra co-curricular activities. There is an extra fee for sports also.


Taking a look at all this and calculating the total amount, is a painstaking budget to bear up. Keeping aside the school budget, the college fee is also a great issue. Children staying in the hostels have to pay a huge amount for the room. Even the schools not much expensive can cost up to $10,000 per year. Above all, your only friend in need that is Jamaican Personal Loans is by your side. It helps you to avail loans ranging between J$10,000 to J$2.5 M. So, you can move forward for a better life with your family.

You can help your child in achieving scholarships to reduce the high-cost fee and to avail discounts for more profits. You can get your loan approved on the same day at our service. You also need not worry about the repayment time of the loan. ACCESS Services provide three months to five years for loan repayment. The loan repayment will be done through your salary. We will deduct a particular amount from your salary each month at a low rate of interest. ACCESS Services is all yours to help you to lose the burden of debt.