Get know about features of call centre solution

A call center is a place where current and potential customers can make phone calls. Your company can use an inbound and outbound call center or outsource the call center solution service for providing great customer service.

Whatever the size of a company’s phone system, logging and tracking incoming and outgoing calls is an important feature. An AOS call center provides businesses with the option of recording and reviewing calls. Call centers to improve customer satisfaction and help businesses promote their brands.

Now is the right time to investigate the benefits of a call center solution. Discover the features of call center solutions that can help you to implement them in your business.

  • Advanced Call Queuing – Enterprises can tailor the experience of callers by creating an unlimited number of queues. Advanced algorithms, such as skill-based routing and queue-to-queue transfer, optimize the allocation of agent resources.
  • Integration of PBX – PBXs and other communication services can be integrated and interacted with, thus preventing frustrations and lengthy processes for customers and agents.
  • Able to record calls – Agents can record inbound or outbound calls with a simple keystroke, and recorded calls can be seamlessly transferred between handsets, softphones, and mobile phones mid-call for review at a later time.
  • Monitoring the calls –  Both inbound and outbound calls can be monitored and displayed in real-time. Live monitoring lets you interact with the monitor, such as pulling a caller from the queue and connecting with another call instantly.
  • Detailed Reporting – Supervisors must be able to review employees’ performance to understand how they handle the peak of the incoming call, to assess which agents spend time with customers too much or too little, and to ensure outbound calling goals are met.