Is It Possible to Change Your Skin Tone?

Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind your skin color? The melanin created by melanocytes cells decides the skin color of a person. It protects skin against UV radiations from the sun. People who are light-skinned have lower melanin content than other skin types. Tanning is a way to increase this pigment but direct exposure to the sun for a long time causes skin damage. So, people to avoid such effects, are preferring to take melanin injections.

These doses safely stimulate the natural process of producing skin pigments in a person. With the increasing availability of the pigment, the tans in a body progresses making the skin look darker. Further, these injections serve as a preventive measure for skin cancer. There are two types of peptides and they are:

  • Melanotan-I: it is a harmless tanning solution prescribed for light-skinned people and is almost an initial agent for preventing skin cancer.
  • Melanotan-II: they are the advanced form of Melanotan-I. It is a more effective and accessible tanning agent that makes tan lasts longer than other peptides. Light-skinned people mostly used it for quick body tanning.

The dosage of these melanin injections depends on the body weight, the scale of color, and type of the skin you have. The major skin colors range from scale-1 to scale-VI. Compared to all other skin types, scale-VI type tans easily. Whatever may be the classification of your skin color, it takes at least 3 months for completing the dimming process. As darkening skin type-I am harder, it takes 30 to 50mg of the drug for the procedure. Following this, the dosages for other skin types range from 10 to 30mg according to the requirement.

It is through disinfectant insulin syringe these doses are being injected into your body. After this painless method, the medicine spreads evenly throughout the body. To prolong the tanning process, three phases are starting, loading, and maintenance dose. The loading phase is for improvising and fastening the treatment for better results. As the name itself implies, the Maintenance stage is for the results to continue with the same effect. This solves look impressive and feels good.