intrinsically safe radio

What is the Need for Intrinsically Safe Radio?

As the industries are proliferating, all the communities, such as the government, crews, staff, etc., have become very conscious about safety. The safety of a person is paramount as human life is precious not only for the person itself but also for the person around them. But safety is paramount in places more prone to hazards such as fire or explosion. People working on the water are more prone to these conditions but do not have proper safety devices. intrinsically safe radio provides the best solution to this problem.

What is the use of intrinsically safe radio?

  1. They are used in firefighter communications on ships. In a time of need, it isn’t easy to send any message to the ones on the ground; this technology is used to communicate and provide security to the people on the ship.
  2. They are also used for safe communication purposes. They communicate in hazardous and explosive environments such as oil and gas platforms, engine rooms, etc.
  3. This helps to carry out any operation safely and with complete security. This device provides a safe environment for the people carrying out the operation.
  4. These devices are given a green flag by the SONAR regulations and are made mandatory for operations in hazardous areas.

Intrinsically safe radio is of utmost importance for people’s safety and provides safe communication in hazardous places. These radios lie under the SONAR regulations and are very important for firefighting situations.