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What Positions Can You Apply for Core Trade Training Course Singapore?

Core Trade is a certification scheme run by the building’s council for trained and qualified construction workers in several core building crafts. You can take a core trade training course Singapore to polish your skills.


The system was implemented to help the construction sector develop a core team of qualified and intelligent employees with building skills who will underpin and manage the building industry, thereby increasing performance and productivity. Core Trade creates a basis for retaining stronger and more talented staff by establishing a clear professional advancement route and recognizing them appropriately. It will permit you to go from an essential trained employee to a certified tradesman specializing in specific trades, a qualified trade foreman, and finally, a supervisor.

The formation of a critical set of construction employees will assist the industry in determining the building design, assisting Singapore’s economic development, and improving people’s standard of living.

Personnel Registration

Residents, qualified, longer-staying, and skilled international employees who have worked in Singapore’s construction sector can register. Eligible employees must have an appropriate qualification, complete a specified meet and greet program, and complete a competence exam. Personnel is recognized for their expertise and knowledge in their particular professions through certification.

CoreTrade workers are classified into three types:

  • A construction tradesperson is a skilled person who works in a specific trade.
  • A construction manager is a professional who oversees and organizes a team of tradespeople for a specific craft.
  • A construction supervisor is a person who supervises a particular type of building activity.