Where to find the best IPOS legal services in Hong Kong?

As a leading corporate finance law practice in Hong Kong, we provide a wide range of services, including initial public offerings (IPOs). Eylaw’s listing attorneys are well-positioned to assist your private company in going public on the stock exchange without a hitch and in accordance with all applicable requirements.

Eylaw’s Company Finance LC Lawyers in HK have extensive expertise in all aspects of corporate finance, including dual listing, IPOs, secondary offers, and debt issues. They have extensive expertise with all types of capital raising and public offerings operations.

Their corporate finance attorneys advise on company listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s GEM and Main Board, and they provide complete services to a variety of clients, including underwriters, sponsors, and listing applications. Multinational businesses, state-owned firms, and private corporations in a range of industries, as well as investment banks and other financial institutions, have all benefited from the expertise of lawyers who specialize in the HK IPO process.

More about Eylaw

Eylaw’s Hong Kong IPOS encompass all aspects of an IPO and include the following:

  • Making pre-IPO investments more accessible;
  • Advise on the listing’s acceptability;
  • Aiding in strategic business reorganizations prior to an IPO;
  • Creating share incentive plans
  • Establishing trust of a family
  • Assisting with legal research work
  • Drafting listing paperwork; and
  • Communicating with the trade to address any issues they could have.

What services does Eylaw provide as a corporate finance law firm?

Eylaw strives to provide comprehensive services to our business clients; their Hong Kong conformity Lawyers assist mentioned issuers on a wide range of post-IPO concerns and help their clients comply with the Takeovers Code,  Listing Regulations, and other applicable securities legislation, including privatization and reverse takeovers.