Why Is Big Data Platform Important?

Big data platform or tool is one kind of the IT solution, which combines various features & capabilities of many big data application & utilities within one single solution. It’s the enterprise class platform that allows organization to develop, operate as well as manage the big data platform infrastructure or environment.

A Need for Big Data Platform

The solution combines various capabilities and features of several big data solutions in one single solution. This generally includes big data servers, social media analytics report, databases, storage, business intelligence and management utilities.

It focuses on offering the user with an efficient analytic solution for huge datasets. Such platforms are used by the data engineers that will aggregate, clean, as well as prepare the data for various business analysis.

The data scientists make use of this platform for discovering relationships & patterns in the large data sets by using the Machine learning algorithm. User of these platforms will custom build the applications as per their use case such as to calculate the customer loyalty, and more, there’re several use cases.

Help to analyze competitors: The competitor analysis is yet another important feature in the social media analytics solution. Insights to know what are your competitors doing will help to make informed choices & give you an opportunity of learning from the mistakes they have done. Using the social media analytics solutions & learning to derive these insights from the social media reports will help to identify the new avenues for your business growth.

Features of the Big Data Platform

Let us look at some significant features of good Analytics Platform: The Big Data platform must accommodate the new platforms & tool that are based on business requirement. Business needs will change because of the new technologies and because of change in the business process.

  • Have capability for quick deployment
  • Must support the linear scale-out
  • Offer data analysis & reporting tools
  • Must support range of data format
  • And more