You Have To Try The Following Method To Fix Your Upholstery!

Is the furniture in your house damaged? After using it for a long time, because you have been buying it for more than five years. The color and wood can look worn out if they are older than that. You can call the ottoman to fix it. You also still have to learn the steps so that you don’t choose help from other people. The leather on the sofa seat will wear out if it is not replaced. Ginger brownie will help  how to reupholster a leather ottoman with fabric.

What You Need To Fix Your Upholstery

               Most of the ingredients can be found in your own home. These items will later be used in a way how to you reupholster a leather ottoman with fabric. Those items are a pair of scissors, a pencil, and paper, a spoon, nylon thread, heavy-duty cloth of your choice, coating pin, small brush, cloth glue (latex), liquid seam sealant, curved coating needle or mattress needle, and the main ingredients are Ottoman Patchwork. Here’s how to fix your sofa according to the material above.

  • First, prepare a fabric that matches your sofa design.
  • Second, using a sheet of paper and a pencil, measure the tear and make a square around the area. Take a size from the paper and transfer it to a heavy-duty cloth and make a patch out of it.
  • Third, you need to cut a thick piece of cloth to use as a patch. Carefully peel off the torn upholstery, then place the fabric patch under it.
  • Fourth, Next, glue a thin layer of latex cloth glue with a brush. Apply glue to the torn edge of the ottoman liner. Remove the upholstery pin and press the cover down over the patch gently.
  • Fifth, then trim the fabric. Insert additional pins along the torn edge to hold the fabric while the glue dries. After a few hours, remove the pins. Flatten the fabric and let the area dry and breathe.
  • Sixth, Sewing the Ottoman. The sewing method is ideal for small tears that start to fray. You have to do it carefully.